Part II – Trust that Bigger Things have been in Store for You – Driver’s License

Navigating around New York City was really easy New York Fake driver’s license. Back in days past (1982-1998), I had a selection between taking the subway or a cab, riding my bike or as I often did, used my feet to have around town.

It had been during early eighties that I somehow lost my driver’s license. I assumed that after the expiration date drew near, the Department of Motor Vehicles would automatically send me a renewal form. Had I bothered to investigate, I could have discovered that it was my responsibility, not theirs, to submit the mandatory renewal forms in a regular manner.

But what did I care? After all, I reasoned, why have an automobile in New York when it was virtually impossible to find a parking spot and on the lucky few instances when you did find one, an enterprising traffic cop would almost always cite you for a few ridiculous parking violation? Didn’t they have anything more important to accomplish, like catching hardened criminals or something?

What I didn’t know was that when your license was not renewed within a certain time frame, regulations required that you go through the whole means of re-applying for a brand new one throughout again. That meant getting your eyes checked, taking several weeks of driver’s ed followed closely by a written multiple choice test and a road exam. All this would take weeks, if not months.

One day, I felt a strong urge to have my affairs in order, including getting a new driver’s license. On the face area of it, there clearly was no reason to accomplish it. Several more weeks passed without taking any action before the urge became so strong, that I possibly could no longer ignore it.

With great reluctance, I opted for drivers ed during the wintertime of 1996-1997. After I took all of the required classes and passed the written exam, a road test was scheduled for January 1997. Weekly after the appointment was made, a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles came in the mail with instructions to meet up the examiner in Brooklyn, NY on a particular date and time.

When I got there, there clearly was a small group would-be drivers shivering in the cold, looking forward to the examiner showing up. They certainly were mostly high school boys and girls who had just turned sixteen. I was probably among oldest people in my own thirties there that day.

After what seemed like hours, I spied a small black four-door Nissan with “Department of Motor Vehicles” emblazoned quietly, making its way over.

“Oh God, I really hope I go first, I’m freezing,” I said to no body in particular.

The examiner took forever in gathering her papers, made the thing that was probably an unnecessary phone call and sloshed her way through the wet snow to where we all were standing. She took roll call, fast reading off a litany of names, making her speech somewhat unintelligible, even for a professional lip-reader like myself.

I inched only a little closer, furrowed my eyebrows and zeroed in on her behalf thick lips, hoping to catch my name tumbling out of her mouth. Instead, I discovered myself wondering if she recently had her lips injected with collagen! I shook my head vigorously and forced myself to target only a little harder.

Finally, she blurted out something that vaguely looked familiar to me. “Hopson, where’s Mr. Hopson?”

My hand shot up in reflex, albeit a little too quickly.

“Here,” I replied. Had Ivan Petrovich Pavolv, the famous Russian scientist from the 1800’s, been with me that day, he could possibly have rewarded me with a sizable biscuit or something.

When the examiner was finished with taking attendance, I immediately approached her to produce her aware of my situation (the incident with the James Bond lady from the bar in Soho was still fresh in my own mind).

“I recently want to cause you to conscious that I’m deaf and that I lip-read. Okay? “

She nodded and then gave me a fake smile.

“How reassuring,” I thought. “At least we’re not driving to some swanky hotel today,” I mumbled under my breath.

The examiner’s eyebrows shot up, “I beg your pardon?”

Surprised that she overheard me, I said, “Oh, it’s nothing. Ummm, I’m ready when you are.”

With a smirk on her behalf face she replied, “Well, Mr. Hopson, it really so happens that you’re the FIRST one on my list for today’s road test. SHALL WE?” She eyed me suspiciously and pointed to the government-issued car.

After climbing in with the examiner, she said sternly, “Mr. Hopson, the very first thing you’re going to accomplish is parallel park. Remember, you’re only allowed 3 reverses. Please drive up the trail here and park right between those two cars (pointing up ahead).”

I was sixteen throughout again.

Somehow I managed to squeeze between two abandoned cars and then we were off making the required left and right turns, stopping on the way here and there. As we drove through what appeared to be a drug infested neighborhood, I wondered for a short second what I’d do if we suddenly got caught in a hail of gunfire between rival gangs.

Yeah right.

Snapping back once again to reality, I realized the examiner was instructing me to have on the highway for a few real-world experience.

Half an hour later, we went back. After I parked the car, she smiled for the first time, revealing pearly white teeth and handed me a slip of paper saying, “Congratulations, Mr. Hopson. You will be receiving your driver’s license in a couple of weeks.”

Six months later an opportunity came my solution to work with a guide project in another state, which required that I get a car. And what do you really need in order to drive?


That explains why I felt a strong urge to renew my license although there clearly was nothing to point the need for one. After moving a lot of miles away (via U-Haul truck), I went out and bought my first car, made easier because I paid attention to my intuition (eventually!) and took appropriate action.

Food for Thought: God has a plan for everyone. Trust that He knows the thing you need to accomplish next. It’s up to you to take action and the others will fall under place naturally.

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